Continuous Emission Monitoring System

Source of law: continuous automatic monitoring facility for air pollutants from fixed sources


Due to the seriousness and urgency of air pollution issues, in order to comply with international standards and safeguard national health, the Environmental Protection Agency of the Executive Yuan announced in 1992 that "public and private places should be equipped with continuous automatic monitoring facilities and fixed pollution sources connected to the competent authority" and " Measures for the Management of Facilities for Continuous Automatic Monitoring of Air Pollutants from Fixed Pollution Sources "in order to improve Article 21 of the" Air Pollution Control Law "stipulates that public and private places with fixed pollution sources designated and announced by the central authority shall set up automatic monitoring facilities (CEMS), which continuously monitors its operations or air pollutant emissions. The law also has detailed specifications for monitoring various types of gas, monitoring data, and various facilities.


System solutions


Continuous Emission Monitoring System (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) is a long-established environmental monitoring and factory process cost management tool at home and abroad. It has the function of real-time and continuous monitoring, which allows manufacturers and government units to grasp the situation of pollution source emissions and the operation of pollution prevention and control facilities in real time, and is the basis for calculating the declaration of air pollution control fees. Relevant information can also assist field personnel to effectively operate pollution sources and control facilities, which can only improve combustion efficiency, which can save considerable combustion / control facilities pharmaceutical costs and related costs.


Atlas technology monitoring equipment fully meets the performance specifications (such as measurement frequency, full-scale range, calibration test specifications, response time, etc.) stipulated in the "Management Measures for Continuous Automatic Monitoring Facilities for Air Pollutants from Fixed Pollution Sources", and can be applied for installation and use according to law. Atlas Technology has the ability to integrate major factories and brand manufacturers, and will provide the best solutions to improve the needs of users.


In order to ensure the correctness of the monitoring data, the current CEMS management method not only confirms the condition of the monitoring instruments before installation, requires regular maintenance, but also regulates the factory to conduct regular inspections and data management, including (1) daily zero / full-scale offset testing. (2) Perform opacity correction error check every quarter. (3) Perform relative accuracy correction error check every quarter. (4) Standard gas check, etc.


System Features


Atlas Technology has CEMS automatic continuous smoke monitoring solutions that fully complies with Taiwan environmental protection regulations. Uses major factories or branded equipment that are stable and reliable, including foreign professional manufacturers OPSIS, DURAG, OSI, Dr. Foedish, TAPI, CODEL, Honeywell, TEKRAN, etc., can automatically collect monitoring point data and upload to the Environmental Protection Agency , To provide users with "high precision, high stability, high rigidity, and high efficiency" system solutions.