Continuous Water Monitoring Systems(CWMS)

Water Pollution Control Act


Clean water is an important material for human survival and health. The maintenance and management of water resources has always been a key project for environmental protection. In order to prevent water pollution and ensure the cleanliness of water resources, the "Water Pollution Control Law" was announced in the Republic of China in 63. The latest amendment date was 105 为, and one of the 57th articles revised in 107 was added to improve the deadline. The basis of punishment for water quality deterioration: "During the improvement period of the business and the sewage sewer system, the discharge of waste (sewage) water pollutants that exceed the original concentration of emissions or hydrogen radon, which means that the pollution is degraded, shall be punished once." It can be seen that the government's emphasis on the implementation of water pollution issues and the requirements of standards have gradually increased.


Automatic monitoring (vision) and connection transmission facility settings


In order to improve the past public reports of passive checks, post-mortem remedies for abnormal discharges, and the ease of avoidance of single water samples, according to the "Water Pollution Prevention Measures and Management Measures for Detection and Declaration": "Industrial and industrial zones should complete automatic water quantity and water quality in accordance with regulations Monitoring facilities, video surveillance facilities, connected transmission facilities, and the setting of automatic display boards for discharged water volume and water quality ". If the discharge of water from factories and industrial areas reaches the requirements of the Environmental Protection Department of the Executive Yuan, automatic monitoring of waste water must be set up according to law facility. In order to achieve automatic and instant 24-hour online monitoring of wastewater discharge.


System solutions


Atlas technology monitoring equipment fully meets the performance specifications (such as water quality testing items, sampling detection methods, sampling frequency, detection limit values, etc.) stipulated in the "Water Pollution Prevention Measures and Management Regulations for Testing Declaration", and can be applied for installation and use according to law. Adopt open standards for automatic continuous monitoring of water pollution, no brand restrictions for terminal sensing equipment, easy maintenance; unified data format, providing a cloud management platform, which is conducive to the integration of wastewater information for all factories of the company The capabilities of major manufacturers and brand manufacturers will provide the best solutions to improve the needs of users.


Technical characteristics


Atlas Technology adopts system development with strong expandability; it uses a relational database for strong integration and has a complete monitoring data application integration scheme. Web-based integrated management system, supports real-time information transmission in multiple ways by the monitoring center, and supports multiple communication protocol I / O modules and OPC Server.

System account addition and modification and rights management Customer value


Enterprise application areas requiring CWMS according to the Environmental Protection Agency can be used in factories with a large amount of wastewater discharge (such as: electroplating, petrochemical, dyeing, textile, agriculture, fishery, animal husbandry), or river water quality monitoring, etc., providing 24-hour non-stop Continuous water quality information, and provide a cloud platform for business management


System Features


Atlas Technology is a CWMS automatic continuous monitoring solution that fully complies with Taiwan ’s environmental protection regulations. The system is custom designed and developed in accordance with user needs. , And basic industries. All major factories or branded equipment are stable and reliable. Automatically collect data of monitoring points and upload to the Environmental Protection Agency, including services for major foreign manufacturers AppliTek, DECKMA, LAR, TAI, PPM, TETHYS, Thermo, HACH, etc. Collect monitoring point data and upload it to the Environmental Protection Agency to provide users with a system solution of "high precision, high stability, high rigidity, and high efficiency."