AMC, Airborne Molecular Contamination monitoring technology

AMC, Airborne Molecular Contamination monitoring technology


Under the trend of end consumers yearning for lighter and thinner products, the semiconductor industry has now officially entered process line width standards below 10 nm. In response to the production quality control and specifications of process materials, it is undoubtedly facing more severe challenges . With the development of narrower line widths in advanced processes, as long as there are residues of slightly polluted organic / inorganic substances in the process, unexpected process risks will occur and product yield performance will be reduced.

According to SEMI F21-1102, the definition of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) in clean room is divided into: Acids, Bases, Condensable Organic Compounds and Trace Heavy Metals (Trace) Metals) four categories. AMC micro-pollution analysis monitoring, that is, micro-integrated advanced analysis technology to monitor the types and concentrations of aerodynamic pollutants in clean rooms, combined with the attribute database of pollutants, to reduce air pollution and improve product yield values.

Ion Chromatography (IC) employs ion chromatographs that can analyze almost all ions. In some analyses, it can replace A. A., Emission, GC, NMR, Ion Meter, etc. The ions that can be analyzed now include K, Na, Ca, Mg, NH4, F, Cl, Br, NO2, NO3, SO2, SO3, PO4 and so on.


System Features

1. Low concentration analysis (ppt level)

2. Multi-point sampling system integration

3. 24-hour online analysis, data is generated every 30 minutes in the analysis cycle (product specifications)

4. Respond to environmental quality concentration and quickly monitor process air quality


We are committed to the development and improvement of AMC micro-pollution monitoring technology in the semiconductor industry, and develops "On-line full-time micro-pollution monitoring equipment" for different applications in accordance with the process environment and materials requirements. The item number provides customized multiple choices. In short, as long as the full-time quantitative on-line monitoring of each micro-pollutant can be carried out, the source of the pollutant can be grasped, and the possible threats can be effectively and quickly removed. Atlas Technology is the best professional partner to improve the yield of the process .